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 Dear friends, 

Welcome to Panda International Information Technology Co., Ltd.! On behalf of Panda International, I would like to extend my most sincere greetings and wishes to you. Thank you for your interest and support for Panda International!
Panda International is subordinated to Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd., which is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating LCD panel, household appliances, software, equipment manufacturing, military communications and mobile communication industry. It is the core enterprise of central government, referred to as CEC in China. Panda International is tasked with missions to promote international economic / technological cooperation and international trade comprehensively on the basis of Panda Group’s technology and products, of which, our communications and electronic products as the leading, foreign contracting as prior channel both at home and abroad in a various ranges. 
By adhering to the Panda Group's culture and tradition, Panda International advocates our philosophy: Honesty is Life, Innovation is the Source, User is god, Win-win is the Goal and to make development & progress along with our customers, partners and friends based on equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit.

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