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String Inverter (SUN2000-17KTL)

SUN2000 series8-12-17KTL intelligent photovoltaic controller,by using “silicon in copper out” concept, based on optimization of chip and algorithm, reducing the amount of copper devices, it  turns  traditional power converter into a thinking intelligent controller which is brain of the power station supporting sensor access and servo tracking system for higher efficiency and benefits.
Upgrade to RS485 transmission to PLC, it’s more stable and reliable for reliable data monitoring.
NOTE: “silicon in copper out” concept---- to increase the use of "silicon" components such as chips, software, etc., and by more accurate multi-level power conversion and control technology, so that the output AC waveform is more smoothly, while reducing the capacitance, inductance and other "copper" parts by number and capacity.

String Inverter (SUN2000-17KTL)
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